Why You Should Order a New Apple Watch Band Now

by James A. Martin on September 9, 2015

in Apple Watch Accessories

At last: Apple has released Sport Bands for Apple Watches that go beyond Lime-Green Slurpee, Salmon Tartare, and Carolina Blue.

I wasted no time ordering two colors I’d been waiting for: the Midnight Blue and (PRODUCT) RED. Both are $49. If you see a new band you’d like, you might not want to waste time, either.

Screenshot 2015-09-09 18.45.07 Apple Watch red Sport band

When I ordered both at 1:02 p.m. Pacific time today, I was told the Red band would ship Sept. 18 to 22. Apple’s site now says the band will be available to ship in 3-4 weeks. My Midnight Blue band is due to ship Sept. 18 to 25. But if you order it now, it will arrive in 3-4 weeks as well.

Here’s what to expect with other new Sport Band colors:

* Walnut — 1-2 weeks
* Stone — 5-7 business days
* Antique White — 1-2 weeks
* Fog — 1-2 weeks
* Turquoise — 1-2 weeks
* Vintage Rose — 5-6 weeks
* Lavender — 1-2 weeks
* Orange — 1-2 weeks

Some of these colors still seem kind of blah to me: Fog? I see enough of that in San Francisco. Stone? It’s a pale, pale gray brown. And while the Lavender is OK, where is full throttle Purple? That was the third color on my Apple Watch Sport Band wish list.

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