What to Do if Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine Stops Working

by James A. Martin on May 13, 2015

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Usually, when I’m sitting at my desk working, my Apple Watch alerts me to get up every 50 minutes and walk around for one minute. It’s a nag, but I’ve grown used to it.

Yesterday afternoon, I became aware gradually that the alerts—made possible by Apple’s ‘taptic engine’—had gone quiet. And then, while cooking dinner, I set a timer on my watch. But when it went off, there was no vibration on my wrist to let me know.

The taptic engine had clearly gone AWOL. This is a bit concerning, after the news earlier this month that there had been Apple Watch production delays due to faulty taptic engine components. Supposedly, none of the glitchy components made it into the supply chain. But one wonders.

At any rate, I used a tried-and-true method to fix the problem: I rebooted the watch. Just press and hold the Digital Crown and the side button together for about 10 seconds. The screen will go black and should be followed by the Apple logo, indicating the watch is restarting. If you don’t see the logo, press the side button to turn the watch back on.

Alternatively, you could press and hold the side button to power the device off, then turn it back on using the side button.

Apple Watch power off

I’ll report back if I have more taptic engine issues.

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