Update: Apple Watch Ship Dates

by James A. Martin on June 20, 2015

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Having just reviewed the current delivery dates for all Apple Watch models, I can say this: If you want a watch with a buckle, you’re going to have the longest wait.

Example: The 38mm stainless steel model with black modern buckle has a current delivery date of July 7-9. The 38mm 18-Karat Rose Gold Case with Rose Gray Modern Buckle will have you cooling your heels for 3-4 weeks.

38mm Stainless Steel Case with Black Modern Buckle

Otherwise, delivery dates for most models have moved up since I last checked earlier this month. And, as has been widely reported, you can now reserve an Apple Watch to buy in store. TechCrunch reports that 38mm versions of Apple Watch seem to be the most plentiful for in-store pickup, while some models, such as the 42mm Space Black Sport, aren’t available at all stores.

But you shouldn’t necessarily be dismayed by still-long wait times for some models. My spouse ordered a 42mm Space Gray Sport watch on June 6 and was told the watch would ship no sooner than June 27. But then he received updated shipping notices from Apple, the first of which stated he’d get his watch yesterday (June 19). Another update informed him his watch would arrive Thursday (June 18). In fact, the watch actually arrived Wed., June 17.

Check out all the delivery dates on my guide to all Apple Watch models.

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