Paying at Starbucks With an Apple Watch

by James A. Martin on May 7, 2015

in Apple Watch Apps, Apple Watch Experience

On this episode of First-World Problems, we compare the struggle of buying a triple-grande-one-Splenda-nonfat-latte at Starbucks using Apple Watch vs. an iPhone.

Starbucks Apple Watch

To pay with an Apple Watch, here’s what you do:

1. Press the Digital Crown to see your apps.

2. Find the Passbook app.

3. Tap to open it.

4. Scroll to find your Starbucks card.

5. Tap to select the card.

6. Scroll the card until the barcode takes over the screen.

7. Hold your Apple Watch screen up so the cashier can scan the barcode.

On the iPhone, do this:

1. Take out your iPhone.

2. You should see the Starbucks card stored in Passbook on your lock screen.

3. Swipe to open the Starbucks card in Passbook.

4. Hold your iPhone up to the Starbucks barcode scanner. Done.

That’s four steps on an iPhone vs. seven on an Apple Watch. Of course, if you pay with your iPhone, you don’t get to show off your Apple Watch.

Tune in next time, when First-World Problems will examine the difficulty of deciding on a Starbucks scone vs. a coffee cake.

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