Paying at Starbucks With an Apple Watch

by James A. Martin May 7, 2015

On this episode of First-World Problems, we compare the struggle of buying a triple-grande-one-Splenda-nonfat-latte at Starbucks using Apple Watch vs. an iPhone. To pay with an Apple Watch, here’s what you do: 1. Press the Digital Crown to see your apps. 2. Find the Passbook app. 3. Tap to open it. 4. Scroll to find your Starbucks card. 5. Tap to […]

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Why Apple Watch’s Activity App Doesn’t Credit You With All Exercise

by James A. Martin May 6, 2015

Tuesday morning, I took a five-mile walk with my spouse and a mutual friend. We walked for over two hours—but you’d never know it by my Apple Watch’s ‘Exercise’ ring. Before we started, I launched the Exercise app on my Apple Watch and tapped to begin recording our walk. We stopped now and then, as we are wont […]

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Why the Apple Watch Team Has Cause to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

by James A. Martin May 5, 2015

It’s happy Cinco de Mayo for Apple today. Apple Watch has caught flak lately, with ‘Tattoogate’ and a bunch of other complaints. But Jony Ive and the Cupertino crowd can raise a tequila shot (or three) tonight because Consumer Reports has named the 38mm and 42mm stainless steel/sapphire glass Apple Watch models as its two top-rated smartwatches. LG’s G Watch R squeezed in at no. 3, […]

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The Apple Watch Rash Reports Have Begun

by James A. Martin May 4, 2015

Apple Watch has only been “in the wild” for about 10 days. And already, there are a few reports of users experiencing allergic contact dermatitis—translation: rash. Having experienced a wrist rash from Fitbit Surge, I was particularly concerned about wearing Apple’s sport band. After about five days of wearing the band, though, I’ve not experienced […]

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Apple Watch and Evernote: A Great Way to Shop

by James A. Martin May 3, 2015

News flash: Apple Watch and the Evernote app can make shopping in a grocery or drug store a bit easier and a lot more fun. I had eight things to buy at CVS yesterday. So I made a checklist in Evernote and glanced at it on my Apple Watch as I moved through the store, ticking off […]

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How Accurate is Apple Watch Heart-Rate Monitoring?

by James A. Martin May 1, 2015

Good news: Based on two initial tests, on two different Apple Watches, Apple new smartwatch’s heart-rate monitoring is more accurate than any other wristband tracker I’ve tested so far. Example: During a 55-minute powerwalk on the hilly streets of San Francisco, Apple Watch’s heart-rate reading was never more than about 8 beats per minute (bpm) higher or lower […]

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Fitbit vs. Apple Watch for Counting Steps: And The Winner Is…

by James A. Martin April 30, 2015

Long-time Fitbit junkies beware: Apple Watch doesn’t prominently display your steps. Nor does the watch do a particularly good job of counting them, at least not in my early experience. To see your step total on the watch, you open the Activity app (the one with the three colored rings). Scroll down with the Digital […]

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How to Get an Apple Watch ASAP

by James A. Martin April 30, 2015

Your patience is a thing of the past. You want an Apple Watch ASAP and haven’t placed an order yet. But the news isn’t pretty: The soonest you’ll get one from Apple’s online store is 4-6 weeks. And that’s only for a few models; check out my guide to all Apple Watch models, pricing, and shipping. The majority won’t ship until […]

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Clickbait Watch: Your Apple Watch is Doomed!

by James A. Martin April 28, 2015

First came the Apple Watch torture porn videos. Then the reports of  ‘Watchgate’ and ‘Steelgate.’ But what does all this clickbait content really tell us about the Apple Watch’s projected durability? Is it doomed almost as soon as you unleash it from its box? Here’s what you should know. 1. Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass is nearly (but not […]

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Apple Watch Torture Porn Film Festival: The Sequel

by James A. Martin April 27, 2015

Blendtec has released its inevitable Will it Blend? video in which the company’s founder Tom Dickson mischievously drops an Apple Watch into a Blendtec blender. You can guess how this turns out. But the video’s use of ‘Siri’ still makes the video feel fresh and funny. Meanwhile, Consumer Reports recently posted a video of its Apple Watch Sport and […]

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