Apple Watch Battery Life Is Pretty Damn Good, Actually

by James A. Martin June 5, 2015

When the reviews came out, Apple Watch was often beaten up for its 18-hour battery life. Admittedly, when it comes to mobile device battery life, more is more. But I haven’t found the Apple Watch battery life a problem at all. Even on days when I use it heavily, to record a long exercise session in particular, […]

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How Dangerous Is It To Drive and Look at Your Apple Watch?

by James A. Martin May 27, 2015

Can a wrist watch get you busted for not following hands-free driving laws? More importantly, is using Apple Watch while driving dangerous? In Quebec, Canada, a driver said he was fined $120 and given four points on his driving record, according to 9to5Mac. His offense? Using his Apple Watch to change music while driving. Meanwhile, […]

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Has Apple Watch Changed My Life? Probably

by James A. Martin May 24, 2015

I’ve had several friends, even strangers, ask me: “What’s so cool about the Apple Watch?” One friend looked at it and said, “Show me one feature that will dazzle me.” Others have asked, “Has it changed your life?” Clearly, there are mile-high expectations about Apple’s smartwatch. And truth be told, I’m hard-pressed to show off […]

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Why Apple Watch’s Time to Stand Reminder Isn’t Enough

by James A. Martin May 20, 2015

Maybe you’re used to Apple Watch nagging you to stand up and move for one minute after you’ve been sitting for 50 minutes. The thing is, as helpful as that nag is, it doesn’t go quite far enough. Long periods of sitting can mess with your health. It increases your risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney problems, […]

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New Page for Curated Apple Watch News

by James A. Martin May 18, 2015

Over the weekend, I added a new page to this site, Apple Watch News. To build content for the news page, I’m experimenting with, a topical content aggregation service. You can let automatically populate a topic, such as Apple Watch, with content, and the ‘newspaper’ it produces for you can be embedded on your personal […]

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Why You Might Not Want to Buy a Third-Party Watch Band (Yet)

by James A. Martin May 16, 2015

I’m tempted to buy a third-party band to pimp out my Apple Watch. But I’m holding off for now, for two reasons. 1. Last week, Apple announced watch band technical specifications for accessory makers. Specifically, Apple detailed band design guidelines and lug profiles. The band design guidelines offer specifics for “compatibility with Apple Watch heart rate […]

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What to Do if Apple Watch’s Taptic Engine Stops Working

by James A. Martin May 13, 2015

Usually, when I’m sitting at my desk working, my Apple Watch alerts me to get up every 50 minutes and walk around for one minute. It’s a nag, but I’ve grown used to it. Yesterday afternoon, I became aware gradually that the alerts—made possible by Apple’s ‘taptic engine’—had gone quiet. And then, while cooking dinner, I […]

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Can You Wear Any Apple Watch Band With Any Apple Watch?

by James A. Martin May 12, 2015

Can you add any Apple Watch band to any Apple Watch? Some people believe you can’t, say, add a leather band meant for the mid-range Apple Watch to an Apple Watch Sport model. So I tried this in an Apple Store. I added the 42mm Bright Blue Leather Loop ($149), which belongs to the Apple […]

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Why the Apple Watch Exercise Ring is Like Your Worst Middle-School Gym Teacher

by James A. Martin May 11, 2015

That damn Exercise ring on the Apple Watch Activity app. What does it want from me? Can’t it tell when I’m hoofing it? How can some digital-neon-lime-green circle hold such power over me? I’m used to Fitbit’s gentle demands: Walk 10K steps every day. That’s all it asks. On most days, no problem. Last Saturday, for […]

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Forget Mickey Mouse: I’d Rather See These Cartoon Characters on Apple Watch

by James A. Martin May 8, 2015

Apple’s decision to offer a Mickey Mouse watch face was, let’s be frank, kinda Mickey Mouse of them. The rodent’s foot-tapping is cute, I suppose. And I get that it’s a nod to all the Mickey Mouse watches out in the market. Still, there are plenty of other characters I’d rather see on my Apple Watch: * Foghorn […]

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