How to Install Apple watchOS 2 (In Spite of Apple’s Efforts to Thwart You)

by James A. Martin on September 22, 2015

in Apple Watch Experience, Apple Watch Problems

It took multiple tries over a day. But I finally installed the new watchOS 2.

I’ll spare you all the horrifying details and just give you a quick taste of my pain. Yesterday, the Apple Watch app on my iPhone 6 Plus would hang on the ‘Verifying…’ stage of installing the Apple Watch OS update. Repeatedly. I was busy doing other things like, you know, making a living. So I didn’t stop Heaven and Earth to focus on the OS update.

Today, I tried again. Same thing happened. So I started Googling and found this article on 9to5Mac, which made perfect sense. The trick, for me, was to unpair my Apple Watch from my iPhone and start all over again. Unfortunately, this also deleted all my credit cards from Apple Pay on my Watch. But this is the epitome of a ‘first-world problem,’ is it not?

Screenshot 2015-09-22 17.36.37



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