More Evidence: Apple Watch Heart-Rate Monitoring is Reliable

by James A. Martin on June 24, 2015

in Apple Watch Fitness Tracking

During my annual physical today, I asked my doctor to check my heart rate two different ways.

The first time, he used a Welch Allyn machine that checks your pulse, blood pressure, and so on. The machine’s reading differed from my Apple Watch’s reading by 1 beat-per-minute (bpm).

Apple Watch heart rate monitoring

Next, I asked my doctor to check my heart rate manually. He put his stethoscope up to my chest to count the beats and used his iPhone’s timer. Once again, his reading differed from my Apple Watch by only 1 bpm.

Granted, I wasn’t exercising, and I have noticed some differences between heart rate monitoring devices when I’m in my peak zone. Still, this is yet another sign that Apple got it right when it comes to reading heart rates.

Here’s more evidence: “How Accurate is Apple Watch Heart-Rate Monitoring?”

By the way, my doctor now wants an Apple Watch.

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Jbohr July 9, 2015 at 11:31 pm

I’m happy with my watches fitness capabilities. It takes readings throughout the day so that makes it more useful for tracking in long run from the health app.


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