Has Apple Watch Changed My Life? Probably

by James A. Martin on May 24, 2015

in Apple Watch Experience

I’ve had several friends, even strangers, ask me: “What’s so cool about the Apple Watch?” One friend looked at it and said, “Show me one feature that will dazzle me.” Others have asked, “Has it changed your life?”

Clearly, there are mile-high expectations about Apple’s smartwatch. And truth be told, I’m hard-pressed to show off a single feature that will truly dazzle someone. But Apple Watch may be changing my life, in a way I hadn’t expected.

Just as I’ve been obsessed for years about completing 10K steps daily to satisfy the Fitbit gods, I’m now obsessed with completing my three Apple Watch Activity app circles every day. The Move and Exercise circles have prompted me and my walking partners to step up the pace for at least 30 minutes every day. And on days I don’t go for a walk, I’m on the treadmill or elliptical machine at the gym. I’ve lost 3-4 lbs. since I started wearing my watch. Also, I stand up once per hour when working at my desk and walk around the house for two minutes. (See “Why Apple Watch’s Time to Stand Reminder Isn’t Enough.”)

I realize showing off my Activity circles isn’t going to dazzle anyone. But they might help me live longer. And that’s pretty damn cool.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit for steps



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