Consumer Reports Apple Watch Review: ‘Most Advanced’ Smartwatch

by James A. Martin on July 3, 2015

in Apple Watch Reviews

In its August 2015 issue, Consumer Reports says the Apple Watch is “the most advanced and attractive smartwatch you can buy.” (An online subscription is required to view CR’s Apple Watch ratings.)

Consumer Reports Apple Watch review

The magazine adds that the “stainless-steel Watch’s sapphire crystal face proved to be the hardest among our test models” in terms of resisting breakage and scratching. “The display on the aluminum Apple Watch Sport was slightly less scratch-resistant.”

CR gives Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport excellent ratings for “ease of interaction,” “ease of pairing,” and “readability in low light.” In the categories of “ease of use,” “step-count accuracy,” and “water-resistance test,” the Watches were rated as very good. Both Watch models received a good rating for “readability in bright light.”

The only category where Apple Watch and Apple Watch Sport ratings differed was the “scratch test” category. CR gave Apple Watch, with its sapphire glass, an excellent rating, while the Apple Watch Sport was ranked as very good.

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