Can You Wear Any Apple Watch Band With Any Apple Watch?

by James A. Martin on May 12, 2015

in Apple Watch Accessories, Apple Watch Buying Tips

Can you add any Apple Watch band to any Apple Watch?

Some people believe you can’t, say, add a leather band meant for the mid-range Apple Watch to an Apple Watch Sport model. So I tried this in an Apple Store. I added the 42mm Bright Blue Leather Loop ($149), which belongs to the Apple Watch line-up, to an Apple Watch Sport Space Gray model. It not only worked; it looked good, too. (The Bright Blue Leather Loop is my personal favorite Apple Watch band.)

But there are aesthetic issues. You wouldn’t want to add the Lime-Green-Slurpee Sport band to your $17K gold Apple Watch. That’s just wrong on many levels. And you wouldn’t want to mix your metals.

Want to play around with different straps on different watches? Check out (Below, you can see what the Apple Watch Sport Space Gray looks like with the Bright Blue Leather Loop.)

Mix Your Watch

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