Accessory Watch: A Band To Extend Apple Watch Battery Life

by James A. Martin on April 13, 2015

in Apple Watch Accessories

The Apple Watch accessory market is heating up. Battery bands could be early winners, given how unsatisfactory the Apple Watch’s 18-hour battery life is likely to be.

Just as the name implies, a battery band adds an extra battery to the Apple Watch via a secondary band. Exhibit A: wipowerband. It comes in 38mm ($89) and 42mm ($99) editions in various colors. The battery band weighs 20g, includes a 200 mAh rechargeable battery; will ship between May and June; and promises to extend your watch’s battery life by up to two days.


My initial take: I’d rather buy an additional Apple Watch charger ($29 or $39, depending upon cable length) and keep it either in my car or in my downstairs office than add another 20g to the watch’s weight.

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