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Evernote (free app; freemium service) is a terrific tool for organizing all sorts of information: Web pages, articles, scanned documents, checklists, audio notes, photos. I particularly like using Evernote checklists on Apple Watch. As you move through a grocery or drug store, for instance, you can tap to check shopping-list items on your watch. Other apps such as Wunderlist and Clear do this as well. But those apps clear the checked item from the list, which is counter-productive if you’re using a list you’ll need to use again (such as a regular grocery list).

Apple Watch Evernote

IFTTT Do Button and Do Note (free) IFTTT is pure geek sugar. You can fuse two disparate apps and Web services together into a ‘recipe’ that creates a custom, automated action involving both services. Example: You can have your weekly Fitbit progress report automatically sent to a specific Evernote notebook. IFTTT’s Do Button and Do Note apps link two apps/services together that, with a button press, will cause an action to occur. My favorite: Tap a button to make your iPhone ring, so you can pretend you have an urgent call and have to split. The recipe is called, appropriately enough, ‘Get yourself out of an awkward situation.’ Your Do Button and Do Note buttons will be accessible on an Apple Watch.

IFTTT Do Button iOS app Apple WatchWorkflow is a $3 iOS app similar to IFTTT’s apps. But Workflow’s ‘workflows’ are more involved, and a little more difficult to get the hang of. But once you do, you can cause all sorts of cool things to happen, such as creating animated GIFs and automatically sending screenshots from your iPhone to Dropbox or to your Mac via AirDrop.

Workflows iOS App

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