Why Apple Watch’s Time to Stand Reminder Isn’t Enough

by James A. Martin on May 20, 2015

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Maybe you’re used to Apple Watch nagging you to stand up and move for one minute after you’ve been sitting for 50 minutes. The thing is, as helpful as that nag is, it doesn’t go quite far enough.

Apple Watch Time to Stand notification

Long periods of sitting can mess with your health. It increases your risk of diabetes, obesity, heart disease, kidney problems, premature death, and the heartbreak of psoriasis. (Just kidding on that last one.) Even if you exercise strenuously, you’re still at risk if you sit most of the day.

The New York Times recently reported that if, during a 60-minute period of sitting, you get up and walk gently for at least two minutes, you can lower your risk of premature death by about 33 percent, compared to those who don’t pop up out of their chair like toast every hour.

The Apple Watch’s Activity app will nudge you to get up after 50 minutes of sitting. But after you walk around for one minute, the watch gives you a high-five. So you’re likely to go back to your desk and sit.

Instead, when I receive the alert to stand up, I tap and hold the Digital Crown to summon Siri. Then I say: “Set a timer for two minutes.” And I walk around the house (where I work) until the timer goes off. Alternatively, you could add the timer as one of your watch face ‘complications’ for easy access.

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