After 6 Months, Top 10 Things I’ve Experienced From Apple Watch

by James A. Martin on November 5, 2015

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It’s been just over six months since I first strapped an Apple Watch to my eager wrist. Here are 10 things I’ve experienced wearing the Watch daily since then.

  1. I’m exercising more. I used to exercise 3-4 times a week. Now, I’m exercising 5-7 times a week. Apple Watch, and my focus on completing the three activity circles each day, has been the catalyst.
  2. I’ve lost weight. About five pounds, more or less. Again, I thank the activity circles.
  3. I still wear a Fitbit. Fitbit’s leaderboard, on which I can see how many steps friends and family have accrued during the week, is as motivating as the desire to complete Apple Watch’s activity circles every day. Plus, I have years of Fitbit data I want to keep adding to. During the day, I wear a Fitbit One when not exercising and a Fitbit Charge HR when I am. I also wear the Charge HR for sleep tracking.
  4. I worry about scratching my Watch case. In fact, I already have scratched it. I first noticed tiny scratches about a month ago. The scratches happened even though I bought the stainless steel case, which I thought would be more scratch-resistant than the aluminum case of Apple Watch Sport models. I’ll try to buff out the scratches at some point, per 9to5Mac’s advice.
  5. I don’t launch many apps. I flip through Glances occasionally. And sometimes I use Wunderlist on my Watch to check off items on a grocery list while I’m in the store. But that’s about it as far as using apps on my Watch.
  6. I don’t change my Watch face. It’s the Modular face for me, all the time. On it, I can quickly glimpse the time, date, weather forecast, current Apple stock, my progress in completing Apple’s activity circles, and how much battery juice is left. Sweet.Apple Watch Modular face
  7. I change bands regularly. I now own six bands and change them 2-3 times a week. I particularly like Apple’s red and navy blue sport bands.
  8. I’m glad I bought the Watch. No buyer’s remorse here. I wear it every day.
  9. I’ll sell it as soon as the second-generation arrives, as long as the next Apple Watch models are thinner and lighter. Supposedly, they will have FaceTime cameras on them, but that doesn’t interest me.
  10. If I had it to do over again, I’d probably buy an aluminum Apple Watch Sport model instead of the mid-priced Apple Watch. Not sure the extra hundreds on the Apple Watch were worth it.

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Randy Ortlieb November 22, 2015 at 4:32 pm

I concur with all of your conclusions. I bought the cheaper aluminum case and I’m happy with it. I am frustrated sometimes by the sluggishness of the watch. I have a feeling that Bluetooth is a second rate and outdated technology, that doesn’t transmit data fast enough. Overall I am pleased with the watch and like you I will be dumping the original version for the next version as fast as I can. One more thing, I feel that Apple’s customer support for the Watch is nonexistent. There are a lot of features on the watch that I need to guess about, and there is no guidance available from Apple. For instance, when authoring a text via transcription, I receive the message “I will send this out later.” What?? When? Why not just tell me it has been sent. Just an example. I’d rate the Apple Watch as 3 1/2 stars, hopefully the next version will be 4 or 4+.


James A. Martin November 22, 2015 at 7:53 pm

Thanks for your thoughtful comments, Randy! Jim


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