Your Apple Watch Might Ship Sooner Than You Think (Or Not)

by James A. Martin on April 14, 2015

in Apple Watch News

No shortage of Apple Watch news in the past two days. But among the many articles, the most interesting tidbit I learned is that Apple Watches may ship sooner than you think. This isn’t a huge surprise, but it’s worth a mention.

tim cook apple watchThe story first broke on MacRumors. The gist: An Apple customer emailed CEO Tim Cook, unhappy that it appears few Apple Watches will actually be available for purchase or shipment receipt on the product’s official launch date, April 24. Cook apparently got the memo, though he didn’t respond directly. However, the customer received a call from an Apple exec, who told him company executives were discussing “with great concern” the issue of in-store stock availability on launch day.

The exec also said the June shipment date many people now see when preordering watches is essentially a worst-case scenario. Watches might actually ship before the posted ship date on Apple’s online store (no promises, though).

While you cool your heels, check out my guide to all the Apple Watch models with current ship dates (as of April 13).

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