Three Months and Five Pounds Later: An Updated Apple Watch Review

by James A. Martin on July 28, 2015

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On April 29, I started wearing an Apple Watch. In the three months since, there have been countless articles calling the Apple Watch a flop, a disappointment, a ho-hum addition to Apple’s line-up, and the most successful smartwatch to date.

I’ll just say this: Apple Watch has helped me lose a stubborn 5 lbs. and boost my HDL (“healthy cholesterol”) level into the normal range.

I’ve been a loyal Fitbit user for years, and I’d been racking up lots of steps before my Apple package arrived. On April 28, for instance, I walked 15,239 steps. Even so, as of April 29, the 5 lb. holiday hangover persisted.

Then Apple Watch’s Activity app started telling me to stand up for one minute every 50 minutes. More importantly, it laughed at my steps and goaded me into making those steps actually count. So I started not just walking but walking briskly for at least 30 minutes daily. I had become determined to complete the three Activity app circles (Move, Exercise, and Stand) at least five out of every seven days.

Apple Watch vs Fitbit for steps

By May 29, I’d dropped 3 lbs. By mid June, I’d shed 4 lbs. Just this week, I finally lost that damn fifth pound.

That’s not all. I monitor my cholesterol levels closely. On April 24, my HDL was below normal, as it often has been for years. By May 27, it was in the normal range (40 or higher). My doctor was impressed.

Of course, no piece of technology can be praised for accomplishing all this on its own. I’ve also been working harder on bringing down my daily calorie count and upping my heart rate during exercise. I also started taking Red Yeast Rice supplements to increase my HDL. Nonetheless, I’m convinced Apple Watch’s Activity app has played an important role in my progress.

And, oh yes, I can also see who’s calling me without taking my iPhone 6 Plus out of my pocket. Life is good.

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