The Apple Watch Rash Reports Have Begun

by James A. Martin on May 4, 2015

in Apple Watch Problems

Apple Watch has only been “in the wild” for about 10 days. And already, there are a few reports of users experiencing allergic contact dermatitis—translation: rash.

Having experienced a wrist rash from Fitbit Surge, I was particularly concerned about wearing Apple’s sport band. After about five days of wearing the band, though, I’ve not experienced a rash.

One reason may be because, unlike with Fitbit Surge, I don’t wear my Apple Watch to sleep (it doesn’t track sleep like Surge does). So I’m giving my wrist a rest every night. I’ve also gotten better at following wear and care guidelines, such as these from Apple and Fitbit that stress, among other things, not wearing the band too tightly.

Apple Watch wear and care

Last week, I visited my dermatologist for other reasons. But while there, I told her about the wrist rash I’d experienced. Over-the-counter creams containing hydrocortisone can help, she said. She also prescribed triamcinolone (0.1 percent), a corticosteroid cream, to be used twice daily for two weeks should I experience another rash.

At any rate, at least a small percentage of rashes seem inevitable from any jewelry, especially if it contains nickel, as Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch, and several Apple Watch bands do.

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