Forget Mickey Mouse: I’d Rather See These Cartoon Characters on Apple Watch

by James A. Martin on May 8, 2015

in Apple Watch Experience

Apple’s decision to offer a Mickey Mouse watch face was, let’s be frank, kinda Mickey Mouse of them. The rodent’s foot-tapping is cute, I suppose. And I get that it’s a nod to all the Mickey Mouse watches out in the market.

Still, there are plenty of other characters I’d rather see on my Apple Watch:

* Foghorn Leghorn. Ah say, ah say, the Southern rooster is one of my favorite Looney Tunes characters.

* The Grinch. He’d go really well with the Apple Watch Sport green bands. Plus, he’s a bad-ass any time of year.

* Mr. Magoo. Given that I squint at my watch screen on occasion, I’d love to see Mr. Magoo squinting back at me.


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