How Strong is Apple Watch Ion-X vs. Sapphire Glass?

by James A. Martin on April 22, 2015

in Apple Watch Experience, Apple Watch News

Apple Watch Sport’s Ion-X glass is nearly as tough as the sapphire crystal used in the higher-end Watch and Watch Edition models, according to two different ‘scratch tests.’ (See the videos, below.)

Bottom line: If you haven’t bought an Apple Watch yet and are worried that the lowest-cost Sport models will be vulnerable to scratches, you’ll probably be fine. But as Forbes points out: “The Apple Watch Sport is likely to be worn by runners and any altercations with walls – even brushing passed them, or sidewalks during a tumble, could see the watch pick up scratches. I’ve certainly picked up scratches on watches like this myself, even on models that were scratch-resistant too.”

Ion-X Glass Scratch Test Video (from Unbox Therapy)

Sapphire Glass Scratch Test Video (from iPhonefixed)

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