Apple Watch Battery Life Is Pretty Damn Good, Actually

by James A. Martin on June 5, 2015

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When the reviews came out, Apple Watch was often beaten up for its 18-hour battery life.

Admittedly, when it comes to mobile device battery life, more is more. But I haven’t found the Apple Watch battery life a problem at all. Even on days when I use it heavily, to record a long exercise session in particular, my watch still has about 50 percent of its juice left when I put it (and myself) to bed.

You could argue that if Apple Watch’s battery lasted, say, 36 hours or more, you could wear it to bed and it would (a) track your sleep and (b) awaken you with a vibrating alarm. I wouldn’t mind either of those features. But it also feels good to go to bed without a piece of technology wrapped around my wrist.

If you’re finding the Apple Watch battery life too brief, consider a third-party band that can also charge the watch, such as this one that costs $250.

Apple Watch charging strapThen again, be forewarned: Apple has decreed that third-party accessory makers must “not integrate magnetic chargers” into the bands. That won’t stop anyone, of course, from developing such a band. It just won’t get the Apple stamp of approval.

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