A Surprising Trip With Apple Watch

by James A. Martin on June 14, 2015

in Apple Watch Experience

Surprise: Apple Maps is better than I thought. At least in Richmond, VA.

Last year, en route to some friends’ new home in a recent development outside Richmond, Google Maps led Nick (my spouse) and me in circles. Literally.

This year, Google Maps was poised to send us back on the same Tilt-A-Whirl trajectory. I had hoped it had figured things out over the past 12 months. Nope.


And so, reluctantly (given its history of knucklehead directions), I fired up Apple Maps on my iPhone. It gave us what appeared to be a sensible turn-by-turn checklist. I checked the itinerary with our friends, whose home we were trying to reach. They agreed with the Apple Maps route. Score one for Apple and nada for Google.

Apple Maps served us well throughout our stay in Richmond. And there’s the added bonus that Apple Maps on my iPhone caused my Apple Watch to buzz my wrist whenever it was time to turn.

I’ve received enough misguided directions from Apple Maps in my home base of San Francisco that I’d given up on it in favor of Google Maps. But I’m going to give it another go back in SF.




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